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Mental Health 101 teaches teens how to…

This is such a timely book. It’s easy to read and easy to understand. We need to start having the difficult conversations about mental health with our teens and this book is a huge help. I highly recommend that you get this book!!
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This book could not be more timely. Our kids need emotional awareness and the tools to improve mental health now more than ever. This book is helpful in general, but this pandemic has brought everything to a critical state. Help break down stigmas and strengthen your mental health today!
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This book made me cry in a very good way! I wondered if it would be worth the time spent reading it, but it was definitely not a waste. Amazing—how many helpful topics can be covered succinctly and without being a bore in 1 book? They do 26, and make it appropriate for all. I have 5 teens and hope each one of them will read every word. I plan to take some of the advice to heart myself. Mental health concern is for every person who wants a full life.
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